I choose you. Every day, I choose you again, because of the things I got to know and sometimes despite of what I got to know.
I’m not after your happy moments, your easy ones. I’m not after your sad or angry moments either.
It’s not about me or who I am when I’m with you.
It’s not about your body or scent, your lips or your touch, your eyes or your smile.
I could probably live without you. It’s not about what you do or do not bring into my life.
You’re not the answer to my prayers, you’re not an answer in any way possible and you’re not a question either.
You’re not beauty or goodness, madness or weirdness, sadness or ecstasy.
You’re not a piece of blue sky, you’re not some wanderer trapped in a strange land.
You’re not a word or a thought, you’re not a conflict of different components.
You’re not what you want to be and you’re definitely not what you were.
Believe it or not you’re not what you see yourself to be or what others reduce you to.
You will never be what you are or what you’re not or what you never were. You will never be whatever it is you want, you will never BE because you’re always much much more than that and that’s what it’s all about


Eddy Abi Younes