I try to dream of my future but the dream quickly turns into a nightmare. A Chaos of images swarm my mind, I’m everything there is to be except who I am.  The images come together to form a distorted painting of my future and quickly fade away. They leave me with this disturbing sense of emptiness and haunting sight of blackness. It takes me some time to figure it out, but i finally do. Chaos is not mine, blackness defies my very nature. Emptiness is there but should be filled turning blackness into color. My body is my brush, my mind the painter, my heart the palette. I do what my mind tells me to  but i soak my actions deep in my heart, let them carry a piece of my soul  so that wherever i may go i would leave a trace of my own, a colorful one, a meaningful one. I make sure my colors are worth remembering, that they are a refreshing site and as my painting goes on from one place to another, from a person to another i sign it with an invitation.
An invitation to your own color, i offer all that i am for you to be all that you are. And i only hope that you would do the same for what do i paint for other than You? What good is my soul if there is no one there to taste it, my heart without someone to dip colors into it and my mind if the beauty it paints does not meet the eye? All that i do, i do it for hope, laughter, courage, wisdom, i do it for you. I am here because you are, you bring color into my life so i could paint my future.

Eddy Abi Younes

Old Notes