Whenever you have something nice to say to people, say it; even though it might be weird or totally out of the blue. People can always use nice words. Even if they’ve heard it before, say it; we tend to forget the nice things in our daily battles. So believe me, people can always use nice words, to hear as well as to say.
Unfortunately we’re afraid of rejection, judgment, afraid of being vulnerable, of taking initiative and of change. But that’s what love is: Willingly being vulnerable while taking actions “you could do without”. I admire people who make sacrifices when they have to but I’m stunned by those who make them even when they don’t have to. They do it just so that someone would know that they’re not alone, just so that someone else would have enough hope to get through the day, they do it to prove that life is not meaningless. Those who do so are those who have been through and are still going through battles of their own. And who doesn’t have battles? We’re all fighting and the biggest battle right now is to be human, and what makes you more human than a heart beating off of love?

Use your heart to put your mind at the service of your brothers and sisters and your mind will optimize your capacities to achieve your heart’s higher purpose.

My heart beats when I see smiles and glowing eyes. It beats when I see open hands, helping hands, empty hands filled at last. My heart beats when I see tears and weary eyes. It beats at the sight of murdering hands, robbing hands and hands that never have enough. My heart beats when I see children play as well as children forced to labor, it beats when I see parents die for their children while others live off exploiting their young. My heart beats at the beauties and miseries of life but the most important thing is that: it beats. I’m alive, I’m human and I’m capable; capable of smiling at least. My smile is not a smirk, it’s not arrogance or delusion or pity or stupidity: It’s my means of change. Whatever the situation is it could always use a smile, pity on the other hand is not even decent, it’s demeaning. A smile is nothing without the eyes to define it since they are the gates of the soul.
Whenever my heart beats I want to smile acknowledging the beauty of life, sharing with others unconditionally. And no matter what anyone says there is always beauty in the world and it should always be appreciated: Not because someone else “has it worse” or we “have it better” but because they give us hope, their truth somehow reveals to us parts of our identity that we don’t even know and their goodness shows us exactly what it means to be human. I don’t understand why we look at life as something separate from us, as if we’re not a part of it. Well I tell you we are and we contribute in making it beautiful: When we take time to listen and look at nature, when we create and treasure small moments as well as big ones. When we’re afraid but choose to act despite it, when we worry but go through with it. When we mess up but find the courage to admit and fix what we can one more time, when people hurt us and we forgive. When we hurt people and forgive ourselves before asking others’ forgiveness, when we actually tell people we love them and when and how they make us happy, when our weaknesses are no longer excuses to postpone.

I could go on for days so just imagine how beautiful life is or better yet experience it. Life starts with you so find the beauty there, within: Find it, do your best and live it. No one has the right to expect more than your best but you also have no right to give any less. My best may not get the job done but it should always be enough; enough to leave me with nothing left and then I’ll continue to give: Then, I’ll be more true than ever because I’ll be giving myself. That’s what I want my life to be; a gift of self, myself to God and the gift of God, through myself, to others.

Give my tongue to the discouraged, my ears to the hurt, my eyes to the neglected, my arms to the weary and my feet to the restless. My heart and mind lay them at Your feet as well as the feet of everyone because You are in everyone. Make me see, touch and listen to you in everyone as well as everything around me. Keep me humble so that I may always appreciate what you give me, keep me pure so that I may always be astonished by your works of beauty no matter how many times I see them and at last, Lord, keep me hungry so that I may always understand the hunger of others and not stop until we meet face to face.

Eddy Abi Younes