Zoe are you friends with your skull?

Zoe what say you of the ground?

You don’t have to be so dull

Why don’t you try and make a sound?

Zoe when you look at the blue skies

Tell me darling what do you see?

And as our time so swiftly flies

Are you where you hoped you’d be?

Zoe some say that you’re a God

Others say that God is you

And then some more say you’re a fraud

Your bones are truer than you.

Some have told me not to care

“Don’t you bother, don’t you ask”

But it is truly too unfair

To be denied such a task

For asking questions is a must

Even though answers are rare

My duty is to shake the rust

Mind, heart and soul to undust

So finally I would find you there

For we make such a lovely pair.

Eddy Abi Younes

Image source : http://www.novica.com