What if I were to forget
All the things that we went through
What If I were to pretend
That none of those moments were true
What if I told you to look
And opened up my heart for you
What if I gave you my eyes
Then you’d see what I see too
What if after what you saw
You’d finally stop being blue
What if your fears disappeared
Tell me then what would you do
What if you actually said the words
Let out all your thoughts in ink
What if you actually took to the sea
And after all you did not sink
What if you give it a shot
And it doesn’t turn out like you think
What if we were not here tomorrow
Or one of us vanished in a blink
Tell me wouldn’t it be a shame
And even more it would be a crime
To keep playing this ” what if ” game
And waste all of this precious time

Eddy Abi Younes

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