Here are two things I like about myself. The first thing is that I am broken. That I am not a perfect being, that I am not whole. I love how being broken builds bridges between people, how it is the root of all connection. Because being broken means having space and leaving room for something else or someone else and that’s where connection comes in. It’s not there to fill you up, to satisfy you because we are not loved into satisfaction, we are loved out of it. Love is there to leave us wanting more, to make you want to live. To keep you wanting more out of yourself, others and life because the more you love, the more you connect the more you realize how disconnected you are. But it’s not about greed, because connecting is not consuming, and because the more you seek it the less you find it. That’s where the second thing I like about myself reveals itself: being lost. And the best thing about being lost is that it’s the best time to be found as well as to find. But when you have found and you are satisfied then you are truly lost. When you are seeking something, you’re not actually looking for it but rather for your conception of it. And there’s no way you’re connecting to anything that way and that’s how you truly perish. Because living is wandering, and wandering is discovering and discovering is being astonished.

Eddy Abi Younes