I found a book of poetry

With a beautiful design

I found a book of poetry

At once i called it mine

I kept it for a day, a week

I read what it had to say

It made me feel both strong and weak

And every other way

I read the book of poetry

So beautifully designed

I read the book of poetry

Its final page was signed

“I didn’t write my poetry

For anyone to read

I thought I’d write some poetry

I thought  that I’d be freed

But now I know that was a lie

Behold I’m still in chains

And as I sound my final cry

None but ash remains ”

Ashes, i found her poetry

Ashes, i found her cynical

And ashes by her poetry

Were reborn as a miracle

That’s why i wake up everyday

With one song on my mind

From that book that i found astray

So beautifully designed

I sing to every living breath

I even sing to stone

Don’t fear the twists of life and death

For you are not alone

Eddy Abi Younes