I was sitting in the library yesterday and in comes this girl, i hadn’t seen her before but she just blew me away and as soon as i saw her i started writing and this is what i came up with:

She walked in with a face full of poems and as soon as i laid eyes on her, i stood still so i would not startle the words off her cheeks. Instead, i just watched as she sung Life’s song in my chest. The notes sent me in awe, and as i came back she was gone. I walked out there humming the tune of hope in her eyes, clutching to a pen and trying to put into words the way she instilled my soul with her smile . . .
I came very close. In other words i failed, drastically, but for the first time in a long time i loved my failure because it had become a sign of how perfect she was, right there, in that moment.
It was a glorious revelation when she left, she transcended that space and i prayed so she’d never come back. That way her face would not be scarred by the passing of the sands of time, that way i would be spared the cruel hand of despair.

Eddy Abi Younes